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Pop Singer-Songwriter Tyler Shaw + BONUS Presentation on How Spotify Playlists Work

First up this week, Mike chats with pop singer-songwriter Tyler Shaw about his new eponymous album, which is the culmination of the Tyler’s near decade of experience in the music industry. Even with a pandemic and new baby, Tyler is never slowing down.  Ever since his first album, Yesterday, and the Juno Award-nominated success of his sophomore disc, Intuition, Shaw has amassed more than 164 million streams globally, and his massive hit “With You” currently has 34 million views on YouTube. In this interview, Tyler digs into the creation and songwriting behind the new album, his experience as a Chinese-Canadian man in the music industry, fatherhood, and being a self-published songwriter.

After the conversation with Tyler Shaw, as a bonus, Mike shares the “director’s cut” version of a video tutorial he created earlier this year for NAMM’s Believe in Music Week virtual event. It’s called “How to Get on a Streaming Playlists” and in it, as the name implies, Mike deconstructs Spotify’s playlist ecosystem and explains why and how independent artists get their songs the streaming giant’s playlists.