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episode 57: Adam and Layla meet an Astronaut ????‍???? | Bedtime Stories For Kids Podcast

Welcome to bedtime stories for kids. My name is Mike and I'm super excited that you're joining me today. Are you ready for today's adventure today? We have a story for Adam and Layla living in memory. That is so cool. I hope to visit Memphis one day. Now, if you want me to create a story just for you, then simply ask any grown-up to get in touch. 

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And it's such an easy thing to do. Now, if you're ready, then I'm ready for today's adventure, Adam Laila. I hope that you're ready for today's adventure as well. Can we all raise our left foot and our right hand as high into disguise? We can count down with me in five. 4 3, 2. Oh, well, let's go, 

Adam and Layla said outside their bright orange tent, they're camping and they're having a great time. Do you want some of my blueberries Layla as Adam? Yes. It loves him. It is a busy day at the campsite. Many families and campers leave, but also many new people arrive today. And that includes Adams and Layla's names. 

Last night, there was a family with a bright yellow tent that stayed the night and very, very early this morning, they decided to keep on traveling and move to a different campsite. So Adam and Layla eagerly await their new neighbor. Oh no. Laila says we're out of blueberries. Um, do you want to join me? 

I'm going to buy some more. Yes. Adam says let's go. Together. They walk to the small shop that sits at the entrance of the campsite. The shop is called Mary P's kept store inside the store. You can buy literally anything that you might need when you want to go camping. Can you think of something that you might need when you go camping? 

Let me know. Well, hello, Adam and Layla, looking for blueberries. Wow. How did you know that? Adam says, well, as Mary Popel, Mary P, it is my job to know everything about everyone on the campsite. Speaking about everyone. Have you met your new neighbor yet? She just arrived one minute ago. Laila quickly pays for the blueberries and the both of them eagerly run back to their campsite to go and meet their new names. 

Whoa. Adam says , this cannot be real. Adam N Laila stare at not a tent, not a camper van. They stare at a wheel life who rocket ship. How did this even get here? Adam wonders? Let's see. Who's inside. Laila you knock on the door and on Knox and the door of the rocket ship opens and out steps to girl. Hi, are you my campsite neighbors? 

My name is Aiyana. The astronaut. I have just come from the space station and today is my very first day of vacation. You came from space. Adam says no way. Yes. Way I honor the astronauts has, and I. Proof would you like to see a stone that comes from the moon? Yes. Laila says, okay, wait, one minute, Ayana goes back into the spaceship. 

And two minutes later, she comes back with a glass box and inside the glass box is a huge rock. It is super heavy. I honestly. I found this stone on the moon when I did my moonwalk, whoa, Adam and Lyla, both go amazing that evening, Adam Laila and Ayana, the astronaut create a bond for. And Ayana share story after story, after story about what it is like to be in space. 

I, on I on site, I am so tired. I have to go to sleep. Oh, I says, well, Adam says, and then the three of them go off to sleep. Ayana, the astronauts in her rocket jet and Adam and Laila in their bright orange tent. The next morning. Super, super, super, super, super. Adam and Laila wake up from a crazy noise. What is this? 

Adam says it's like a rocket ship goes off into space next to us. As Adam jokingly says to Laila, when then the both of them realized that it's not a joke. They quickly open up their tent. And in the far, far distance, they can see Aiyana his rocket ship going back into space. With that I'm going to end today's episode, please. 

Don't share it with all your friends and your family. I hope you had fun. Join me in the next adventure. And if you want me to create a story just for you, then simply ask any grownup to get in touch. So with that being said, I wish you good night. I wish you sweet dreams. If you're not yet going to sleep OSU an amazing day, and I will see you in the next adventure.


 2021-09-10  6m