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episode 249: The Comics Agenda: Get Lost In a Maze Of Emotion

We start out with the news of Al Ewing announcing he would be cutting all ties with artist Joe Bennett. The breaking point was the reemergence of an old cartoon that many rightly deemed as Anti-Semitic.  We then jump to changes coming to Comixology, including the shuttering of the stand-alone app and full integration into Amazon's existing software. 

We wrap up the news with the teaser trailer for The Matrix 4.

Pop Culture Anniversaries 
We had quite a few events to pick from this week. Some of the highlights included Batman: The Animated Series, Jabberjaw, Start Trek, and much more. 

Lightning Round
Michael tells us all about Hulu's Vacation Friends, while Greg and Jonathan catch us up on What If...?

Featured Discussion
This week is all about Marvels Shang-Chi & The Legends of the Ten Rings. We discuss what worked and what did not. We also get into what we think is next for phase four and if Morris is the best pet in all of the MCU.

Featured Comics 
We start the week out with Ka-Zar: Lord of the Savage Land. What does the resurrection have in store for Ka-Zar? And is it worse than trying to raise a teenager? Next, we tangle with the Japanese Mafia in Dancing With the Dragon #1. Then we find out just how far one man would go to save his daughter as the world crumbles around him in Last Flight Out #1. Finally, we wrap up in what is a truly awe-inspiring book in Mazebook #1.



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