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Changing the world to a 4 day work week with Andrew Barnes

Changing the world to a 4 day work week with Andrew Barnes  

  • What made him
  • How did he come up with the idea for the 4 day work week?
  • Is it really 4 days?
  • The science behind it
  • His big plan
  Andrew Barnes has made a career of market-changing innovation, most recently, as the founder of Perpetual Guardian, his announcement of the four-day week made headlines around the world. He has established 4 Day Week Global, enabling interested parties to connect and advance this idea as part of the future of work. He is on the advisory boards of both the US and Ireland 4 Day Week campaigns and the newly created Wellbeing Research Centre at Oxford University. Previously, Andrew was chairman of realestate.com.au, managing director of Australian Wealth Management Limited, and CEO of Bestinvest, a UK investment advisory company. Andrew holds an MA from Selwyn College, Cambridge.


 2021-09-10  29m