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HR 3: Mason Does Push-Ups

The Dodgers play later today, and Dave Roberts is finally sitting the slumping Cody Bellinger. Can the Dodgers still win the NL West? Or will the division rivals, the San Francisco Giants, hang on? Andy Dalton will be starting for the Chicago Bears this Sunday against the Rams at SoFi Stadium. Does this help or hurt the Rams' chances of starting the season off with a win? It's John's turn for "Lie of the Day" as we open the phone lines to see if one of our listeners can guess what it is. Nike gave their employees a week off to destress. Will this catch on with other companies? For the last segment, we do GAME OF GAMES and Sedano & Kap hop on to tease their push-up challenge on their show. Mason closes out his show with his own push-up challenge.


 2021-09-11  43m