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Change & Perspective - Dein Podcast für positive Nachhaltigkeit, sozialen Wandel und mehr Bewusstsein in deinem Leben. Hier steht vor allem der Faktor Mensch im Zentrum. Nachhaltigkeit kann nur durch Veränderung erreicht werden und Veränderung geschieht durch Menschen. Lerne in diesem Podcast, warum deine Intention und dein Verhalten gerne weit auseinander liegen. Erfahre wie du zwischen Optimismus und Realismus navigierst oder wie jeder von uns gesellschaftlich etwas verändern kann. Es erwarten dich spannende Einblicke, Tipps und Gespräche über Nachhaltigkeit, Achtsamkeit und Psychologie von und mit Kathrin David.


How stories can change our world

#079 – Jay Poudyal from Stories of Nepal on privilege, purpose and vulnerability. This episode is a very honest and inspiring conversation that will for sure change your perspective. Jay founded the Blog Stories of Nepal back in 2013, starting off as a photographer and later also sharing the conversations he had with the people he met. Inspired by Humans of New York, he captured the stories of people in Kathmandu and later whole Nepal, traveling to the most remote places. We talk about his difficult phases in life and how he decided to start something new, follow through and bring himself a new sense of hope and belonging in this world.


He shares his approach on storytelling and teaches us, what we have to keep in mind when we want to share stories of others, especially when we are travelling. We talk about our and also his privilege to go with a camera into these communities and how he constantly reflects his work. He shares with us his approach to handle sad stories and how he finds the strength to change something. Jay is not only a storyteller but also an activist and changemaker, constantly raising money for vulnerable communities and making sure that reaches those who need it the most. Tune in for an honest and vulnerable conversation. Disclaimer: he is sitting in a café, so don’t get confused about the background noises.


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 2021-09-13  1h7m