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Social Activist James Brown - 11:20:18, 10.11 PM

Story by: Gail Nobles
Music by: Gail Nobles
Male actor by: Gail Nobles
Photo Credit: Young James Brown
Photo Credit of James Brown: Wikimedia Commons/Ronzoni Owner
Usage: By Ronzoni - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

There was a biopic made of the life of James Brown titled "Get On Up" starring Chadwick Boseman who has done a great job. But we didn't get to see much of the social activist James Brown. I think another movie should be made starring the man James Brown endorsed known as the Godson, Tony Wilson.

James Brown said, "We tired of beating our heads against the walls and working for someone else....

Black power meant different things to different people, see. To some people it meant black people owning businesses and having a voice in politics.

James Brown had great philosophy of his own. He would put it into his music. I believe that Tony Wilson, endorsed as the Young James Brown by The Godfather of Soul himself should play as James Brown. He can dance and sing just like The Godfather. Tony has his looks, voice, and style. He would be perfect for a new James Brown movie. Tony has been on stage with James and was recognized by him for a movie role . Mr. Wilson was asked to be in Tony Scott's Internet-only short film, "Beat the Devil".

Now today, Tony is doing the works that James Brown would do singing his own song with a familiar voice titled, "Fight the Power". It would be great to see him in a new James Brown movie and repeat the things that James Brown said, "You know, in Augusta, Georgia I used to shine shoes on the steps of a radio station.....But today, I own that radio station.......That's black power."

I'm Gail Nobles and you're listening to Movies Unmade.


 2020-12-13  3m