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Hawkmen - 6:7:19, 3.02 PM

Story by: Gail Nobles
Artwork by: Gail Nobles
From free photo by: Joshua van der Schyff on
Hawk sound:

Today's topic is Hawkmen!
In the movie "Flash Gordon', we see the Hawkmen appear. But where do they com from? Prince Vultan is the Prince of the bird like Hawkmen in the Flash Gordon comic strip and it's adaptations. Vultan and his people dwell in Sky City, a metropolis that floats in the sky. Vultan and the other Hawkmen provoked some controversy at the time of publication. Some Christian leaders regarded the characters as blasphemous because they resembled angels.

A movie could be made about the hawkmen alone. In the movie, it can be said that the Hawkmen were created by scientists and thy flew to an undiscovered planet. And they could say that the people on earth felt threatened by the Hawkmen. On the undiscovered planet, the bird like men could become a kingdom and become a divided kingdom. It could be said that's how Vultan and part of the Hawkmen started dwelling in Sky City.

I picture Vultan as a tall, muscular, and mighty Hawkman with the characteristics of a king, pirate, viking, hawk, and man. He could look dreadful to ordinary men because of his great wings and tall stature.

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 2020-09-18  2m