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Battle Cry News - Abbas Alizada - 8/25/18, 12PM

Story by: Gail Nobles
Actor by: Gail Nobles
Movie Logo Music: Gail Nobles
Story First Written on May 12, 2018
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Actor Narrator: Abbas Alizada is the wheel of movement. He is the wheel of fight in Kung Fu. Practicing Kung Fu keeps Abbas in shape. He blocks the opponent’s punches. Abbas blocks the bad guys and is the wheel of law. He fights only when it is necessary and for good reason.

In Kung Fu, there are different types of styles and techniques. That’s why Abbas is the wheel. Kung Fu can go on and on. You can imagine the wheel and glow of Abbas moving in different directions. He might move to the left, he might move to the right, he might move backwards, and he might move forward. If you don’t know Kung Fu, fighting against Abbas is a lesson to learn. There is deadly force in the wheel, but only used when necessary.

Abbas Alizada is the Afghan Bruce Lee. He continues where Bruce Lee left off. He was the first wheel. Abbas has his spirit in Kung Fu.

Author (Gail Nobles) Abbas Alizada is known as Bruce Lee of Afghanistan. He is an amateur athlete in Kung-Fu. We hope to see him in the future in films. You are listening to Movies Unmade


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