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Where Is Bruce Li? - 5:15:21, 8.28 PM

Keyboard: Gail Nobles
Artwork by: Gail Nobles
Voice actor: Gail Nobles
Story and dialogue intro by: Gail Nobles
Fighting Sound:
Usage: Public Domain
Today’s Topic is Where is Bruce Li.

Bruce Li born Ho Chung-Tao is a Taiwanese actor, martial artist and Bruce Lee imitator. You’ve seen him in films such as Fist of Fury 2, Deadly Strike, and Return of the Tiger just to name a few. After Bruce Lee’s death, Bruce Li’s acting career began. Bruce Lee died in 1973, and I was three years old. I saw clips of his funeral at age 3 and went on thinking that I was watching Bruce Lee whenever I saw Bruce Li in Kung Fu films. Thanks to Bruce Li, I remember Bruce Lee. I couldn’t tell them apart.

At the movie theater I remember being in a long line with my mother and father just to see a Bruce Lee or a Bruce Li film. It is Bruce Li that I remember the most. I always called him Bruce Lee. My favorite film starring Bruce Li is titled Deadly Strike. He played tough in that one. I also like Fist of Fury 2. Seeing Bruce Li play in those films made it seem like Bruce Lee was still around. He was a great Bruce Lee imitator and great actor.

So where is Bruce Li today. In 1985, he ended his career and returned to Taiwan. I wish to see him again in a Kung Fu film as Bruce Li just one more time for old times' sake. Bruce Li is still around, and you can find him on Facebook. It’s great to see him there.

I’m Gail Nobles and Today’s Topic is: Where Is Bruce Li?


 2021-05-16  3m