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Nate Parker - Jackie Robinson 9:5:21 6.46 PM

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Today’s topic: Nate Parker Could Play as Retired Jackie Robinson.

Chadiwick Boseman played as Jackie Robinson, but another movie could be made starring Nate Parker. There was more to Jackie than baseball. There are some things that were not shown in the movie starring Chadwick Boseman about Jackie. And Parker might be the perfect man to play as Jackie. He could play as young Jackie and an older and retired Jackie with grey hair. People like to see the actors act & look like the real person.

Jackie Robinson served as lieutenant in the US Army. He played as a major role in the Civil Rights Movement. He continued to break down racial barriers after leaving baseball. These things could be put into a new movie. They did not focus on the life of Jackie Robinson after he left baseball in the movie starring Boseman. There are things you may not know about Robinson that could make another movie.

To me, Nate Parker is a good actor and filmmaker. He played in the movie The Great Debaters starring Denzel Washington, The Birth of a Nation, and American Skin to name a few.

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 2021-09-06  2m