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Man Arrested With Machete And Swastika, Capitol Police Declare Emergency

A man was arrested with a machete, bayonet, swastika and White supremacist symbols near the DNC, as the Capitol police declare emergency ahead of a right-wing 9/18 demonstration. Capitol fencing returns this week ahead of the 9/18 rally. The defense secretary's "biggest concern is that someone will try to export terror to the Untied States again." 

Pelosi and Schumer say that the Capitol is "much better" prepared than it was on January 6, as police step up security ahead of the 9/18 rally. 

The House panel grills Blinken on the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal. Blinken says that there is "no evidence" to support continuing the war would have helped Afghanistan and says "even the most pessimistic scenarios" did not predict the collapse of the Afghan army. Blinken also says that he is in touch with "about 100" Americans in Afghanistan. 

President Joe Biden is to rally with the California governor ahead of the recall vote tomorrow. 

Former President Donald Trump slams Former President George Bush for comparing domestic extremists to 9/11 terrorists: "He shouldn't be lecturing anybody." Bush calls out "violent extremists at home" during 9/11 remarks in apparent reference to January 6 riot. 

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 2021-09-14  38m