A Desi Woman with Soniya Gokhale

A Desi Woman Podcast hosted by Soniya Gokhale features dynamic, bold thought leaders from all over the world who are on an endless pursuit of self-empowerment, growth & fulfillment. What is a Desi? Desi is a colloquial term that refers to the people & culture of India and its Diaspora. The voices we are seeking for this podcast may be voices you have never heard before, but you are sure to be inspired by them!



episode 50: A Desi Woman with Soniya Gokhale: Part 1--Empowering Women in Politics & Leadership--A Conversation with Washington State Senator Mona Das & Executive Director of The Campaign School at Yale University, Patti Russo

In this episode we are joined by Executive Director of The Campaign School at Yale University, Patti Russo & Washington State Senator Mona Das, a graduate of TCS at Yale University to discuss the need for more women in political leadership in the U.S. and Globally. Patti Russo serves as the executive director of the campaign school at Yale university, a non-partisan issue neutral political campaign training program for those interested in running for office, as well as for those interested in campaign management and embraced the schools mission of increasing the number of women in politics and government at the local state and federal level. Based at Yale law school, it is the leading program attracting individuals from the United States and internationally and the school recently celebrated its 25th year in 2019. Washington State Senator Mona Das. Senator Das is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and she earned an MBA in Sustainable Business from Pinchot University. She also attended The Campaign School at Yale University. Elected to the Washington State Senate in 2018. Mona now serves as caucus vice chair, the vice chair of the Senate housing affordability and stability committee and as a member of both the Senate transportation committee and the Senate environment energy and technology committee.