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episode 73: Kara Goldin - How to Build a Multi-Million-Dollar Brand & Why Curiosity Is The Leading Trait of Successful People

Ever wondered about the psyche of a go-getter versus a quitter? The go-getter doesn’t allow the doubts and the doubters to stand between him and his dreams while the quitter wallows in doubts and gives up even before he starts. James is joined by Kara Goldin in today’s episode to unroot the source of doubts and to teach aspiring entrepreneurs and startups the system all go-getter entrepreneurs live by. Kara is the founder and CEO of Hint Inc., a company that offers fruit-infused water beverages suitable for a healthy lifestyle. She also authored the book Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters which aims to inspire visionary entrepreneurs to be relentless in their pursuit of success. Learn the secret of successful entrepreneurs and how they managed to shake off their doubts and doubters, including their personal doubts, and kept moving forward even when the path ahead of them was uncertain. 

“When you have people who doubt you, it’s not because they don’t love you but because they just can’t see your vision.”

-Kara Goldin

In this Episode:

  • Understand the “what, why, and how” concept, and how to apply it in your business so you can level up from being an ordinary entrepreneur to a visionary entrepreneur. 
  • Learn why curiosity is a fundamental piece to innovation and how companies can either expand or shrink depending on their key players' level of curiosity and passion for learning.
  • How to deal with the doubters, especially when they are people who are closest to you, and turn them into an elemental force to your success.
  • Discover the most important quality an entrepreneur should possess, how to cultivate this quality and the kind of people you need around you before you venture into entrepreneurship.
  • Uncover the key to building the right kind of brand and the brand that goes far beyond the consumers’ needs and expectations.

Episode Resources: 

  • Live Training with James Neilson-Watt
  • Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters by Kara Goldin

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 2021-09-15  51m