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episode 133: Assert Your Business Identity: Why It’s Important to Trademark a Name - The Journey of Cynthia Mason (Intellectual Properties Series) [transcript]

Having a trademark is fundamental to protecting your business assets and potential growth.

A challenge that comes with growing your business is protecting ownership of your primary assets. And you can do this all by creating an identity that sets yourself apart from your competitors.

In this episode of Her CEO Journey™, trademark agent and lawyer Cynthia Mason talks about the value of trademarks and how many business owners can benefit from registering for one. She discusses why a trademark is essential to assets and ownership. She also shares some great advice on naming your business, especially when you want to stand out. Finally, we learn about how to register for a trademark and common misconceptions around trademarks.

Tune in to find out more about how trademarks can bring value to your business!

Here are Three Reasons Why You Should Listen to the Full Episode: 

  1. Learn about the benefits of having a registered trademark for your business.
  2. You will discover the common misconceptions of business owners concerning trademarks.
  3. Cynthia shares her advice on the step-by-step process of how to trademark a name.
Episode Highlights

  • [04:41] Cynthia’s Journey 
  • [05:30] What is a Trademark?
  • [08:38] What Makes A Good Name 
  • [11:17] The Small Business Perspective on Personal Names
  • [14:16] Selling Your Business Under a Personal Name
  • [17:03] Types of Trademarks
  • [18:01] Trademarking Your Methodology
  • [21:40] Deadlines for Registering to Trademark a Name
  • [24:33] Using the ™ Symbol
  • [28:37] How to Trademark a Name
  • [34:04] The Value of Having a Trademark Agent
  • [36:39] Your Trademark Channel 
  • [38:30] Doing Research Before Using a Name
  • [39:06] Common Misconceptions About Trademarks
  • [43:32] Registering a Trademark without a Lawyer or Agent
  • [47:15] Benefits of Registering Your Trademark
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 2021-09-16  50m