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Removing the Barriers: Repositioning Brownfields Sites for Success (Sep 10, 2021)

Repositioning can make the difference between redevelopments that succeed and those that fail - and it's more than just marketing. Repositioning is a term used in the real estate world to describe actions that prepare a site for reuse or redevelopment. This is especially crucial with brownfields sites because environmental impacts can cause time delays and create unknown costs and liabilities. This webinar will discuss how to identify constraints on redevelopment by conducting a reuse assessment and the tools that can be used in the reuse planning process to remove or reduce those constraints. The discussion will not only address the typical environmental impediments found at brownfield sites, but also physical and legal issues that impact the ability to redevelop a property. The webinar will help participants to understand the different types of constraints, prioritize the ones that must be addressed prior to bringing a site to market, and recognizing those that a developer might be willing to take on upon purchase of the property. The webinar will include real-world examples that focus on tough sites in distressed communities. To view this archive online or download the slides associated with this seminar, please visit


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