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9/16/21: "Rigged" is the New Election Strategy for GOP

--On the Show:

--Michael Sandel, Professor of Political Philosophy at Harvard University and author of the book "The Tyranny of Merit: Can we find the Common Good?" joins David to discuss meritocracy, inequality, and much more. Get the book:

--The new Republican strategy for the foreseeable future is to call any election they don't win "rigged," and its implications are very dangerous

--Despite numerous Fox News hosts attacking vaccine requirements on air, Fox News has instituted a stricter vaccine, test, and mask policy than the Biden administration has recommended

--Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including about Matt Gaetz, at-home COVID tests, the educational system, and more

--Donald Trump wants General Mark Milley charged with treason for exposing Trump's unhinged nature and idiocy

--Pop star Nicki Minaj is debunked by health officials from Trinidad after her viral tweet claiming her cousin's friend's testicles swelled after receiving the COVID vaccine, costing him his wedding

--Trump associate Roger Stone is served with a lawsuit by process servers while live on the air being interviewed by Real Talk 93.3 in St. Louis

--Voicemail caller defends the woman deliberately coughing on people at a Nebraska grocery store who was eventually fired by her employer, SAP

--On the Bonus Show: Biden & UK to help Australia acquire nuclear submarines, lawmakers push Facebook to abandon Instagram for Kids, Justice Dept seeks emergency order to block TX abortion law, much more...

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 2021-09-16  57m