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New DHS Warning Of Potential Violence At Upcoming Rally

The Department of Homeland Security warns of potential violence at an upcoming pro-January 6 rally in DC on Saturday. Former President Donald Trump says "hearts and minds" are with "persecuted" January 6 rioters ahead of the far-right rally at the Capitol. The National Guard has recruited additional people to help secure the United States Capitol building. The DC-area airports are also adding TSA agents ahead of the September 18 rally. Fencing around the Capitol building is back up as security has been tightened ahead of the rally. 

Republican lawmakers are trying to distance themselves from the far-right rally, but the GOP leadership hasn't condemned the rally as of yet.

The January 6 committee is seeking records on General Milley's reported actions surrounding Jan 6. America's top general denies wrongdoing amid calls for his resignation over reported moves to protect the United States from Trump. The committee says they will "carefully evaluate" the facts. 

There has been booster confusion hours before the FDA vaccine advisers meet. 

Murdaugh lawyer says Murdaugh "has fallen from grace" as Murdaugh's bail is set at $20,000. The South Carolina lawyer admits to arranging his own murder for an insurance payout as the killing of his wife and son remains unsolved. 

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 2021-09-17  37m