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Trek Untold-Episode 66 | Raven Dauda

Raven Dauda, Dr. Tracy Pollard from "Star Trek: Discovery"

The doctors in Star Trek shows are just as iconic as the captains and are hotly debated among fans to determine who they would want serving on their starship. Today, we are speaking with one of the doctors on board the NCC-1031 as we meet the mysterious Raven Dauda, AKA Dr. Tracy Pollard from "Star Trek: Discovery."

Raven doesn't do a lot of interviews and likes to keep her secrets secret - but Trek Untold has her in the hot seat. We learn about her road to acting, the story behind her unique name, her first film role in "Murder at 1600" with Wesley Snipes, the importance of "Da Kink in My Hair," and other stories from her career.

Then it's off to our Trek talk, as we uncover how Raven became part of the crew, what it's like putting on her Starfleet scrubs, working with Soneqhua Martin-Green and Doug Jones, surviving the technobabble, and why DISCO is the best set she has ever worked on. Do you want to learn about this enigmatic and charming performer? Trek Untold has the answers!

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 2021-09-17  1h18m