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Grid Talk is a Formula 1 podcast that takes an irreverent look at the world of F1 motor racing, offering news, previews, reviews, and opinions on the biggest talking points in the sport today. Your hosts George Howson and Ruby Price bring years of F1 experience to the show, and they are joined by a panel of guests each week to dissect the latest races with their expert analysis that is based on emotion and personal preference, with a sprinkling of facts. George, Ruby and the team hit the apex of all the topics that are causing a stir in F1 right now, so if you’re a new fan and you're looking for the best F1 podcast on the grid, sit back and relax and enjoy their hot topic debrief.


episode 33: Formula 1 Grid Talk Episode 33: Tyregate

Welcome to Episode 33 of Formula 1 Grid Talk, hosted by George Howson!

In this episode joining George we have F1 expert Alex Booth, engineering student Owain Medford, and master of engineering Jack Watson.

Following on from our Episode 32 ‘Benetton Conspiracy’ of 1994, this week we look at ‘Tyregate’ and the controversial 2005 United States Grand Prix.

We’ll also look at the latest news including the confirmed races on the 2020 F1 calendar, the latest cancelled races, the fabled cost capping coming into place in 2022, and more…

In This Episode

[00.52] 2020 Confirmed F1 calendar and the latest cancelled Grands Prix

[02.04] Rumoured venues for the 2020 F1 season

[04.44] F1 cost-cutting initiatives being implemented from 2022

[07.57] Teams who finish lower in the championship will be given more time in the wind tunnel ahead of the following season

[10.12] The cost-cutting initiatives are 20 years in the making, and well overdue

[12.50] Going back in time to the 2005 United States Grand Prix

[13.11] The race that broke the trust of American F1 fans

[14.18] Bridgestone v Michelin and the rules around changing tyres in 2005

[16.49] The introduction of rules designed to curb Ferrari’s dominance played a part

[18.33] No stone left unturned to get the race to happen

[23.49] The start of the 2005 United States Grand Prix

[26.27] Tiago Monteiro was a very happy beneficiary

[28.59] Michelin accepted responsibility

[33.12] F1 had their reputation tarnished, but are now welcome in the USA again

[34.28] A strong American driver would ignite interest in F1 in the USA

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