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episode 134: How to Cope When Dad's Away

Sept. 20th, 2021 – In this episode, the girl start out with how they could never go back from wide leg jeans. Sarah laughed as she tried on a pair of skinny jeans recently and how could we?! They continue with some some fun chat about Bennifer 2.0 then dive into the subject of Lauren’s being without her husband for the last few days. The women thought it would be therapeutic and productive to discuss how to handle when dad is away. They recognize many women do parenting on their own every day and really admire their ability and strength. But for them specifically, it can be an “out of the norm” situation when their spouse is gone – so chat about some ways to pass the time and survive! (And of course they get in a little rant here and there, ha!) They also chat about the balance of his and her time and what they’ve seen in their marriages. They close out the show with their hits and misses – Sarah sharing that she’s starting waxing again and Lauren with a successful parent teacher conference.

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 2021-09-20  42m