Your Morning Basket

Join us as we delve into the principles and practices of homeschool Morning Time aka Morning Basket or Circle Time. With both experts in their fields and mentor-moms, we will discuss everything from how to choose the right books for a wide age range, to how to memorize a poem, to how to get the kids to sit still. All your burning Morning Time questions answered right here -- every other Tuesday.


episode 101: YMB #101 Bethany Stuard: Choral Music the Great Room

Bethany Stuard has both an extensive knowledge of and great passion for choral music. That is what makes her such a fun guest for this episode of the podcast. In this episode Bethany likens choral music to a great room with doors that lead to all areas of knowledge. It is a fascinating glimpse at a tool we can use in our Morning Time to inspire our kids in ways we hadn't considered before. Enjoy!

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 2021-09-21  44m