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episode 69: Think Like a Navy SEAL with William Branum

"The only easy day was yesterday." That's the motto of the Navy SEAL, an elite military unit in the US Navy known for its tough training program, which includes Hell Week. You can just imagine what kind of person survives and thrives in such an environment. 

Today’s guest is one such guy, Senior Chief William Branum. A retired US Navy SEAL turned entrepreneur. William served as a SEAL for 26 years and trained many other men in the military. He’s here to share how his background served him well as he transitioned to entrepreneurship. Listen to some real talk on how to do hard things, how to ask for help, and how to think like a Navy SEAL to get whatever you want in life. Prepare to get NAKED. 

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“If you're making small micro-adjustments and things aren't really  changing for you, make BOLD adjustments.” 

- William Branum



00:00 This is what makes Sharran proud to be an American

01:04 What are POTUS-approved missions

05:20 The skill that makes Navy SEALs good at what they do

11:10 How does a former military man transition to becoming a successful business owner

15:33 Do you believe that you can learn almost anything or find someone who can teach you anything you want to learn?

19:51 How William trained for the Navy and raised his hand to become a SEAL

23:50 The one thing that is CONSTANT during Hell Week (you just have to make it to the next meal)

29:21 There’s no guarantee of success; you just have to do the work 

31:43 How to practice the “Get NAKED” mindset and see what it can do for you

34:40 You’re not going to do it until you’re ready to do it (discipline vs. accountability)

39:47 How William taught his team to be honest with themselves

42:46 Practice while it’s easy, so you’re ready when things become hard



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