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episode 3: Symbaroum 02: Theft of the Sunstone

With passage secured the trio must now begin the perilous journey through the Titans. But when an item key to the caravan’s survival is stolen, the task will fall to them to track it down before the mountains claim more victims.

Spoiler warning: This episode follows the first chapter in The Promised Land adventure included in the Symbaroum core rulebook.

In order to reach the queen city of Yndaros you must first complete passage through The Titans. In order to survive the long cold journey, you travel in caravans. Together you can stay warm, stay fed, and stay safe. But the winters are getting worse, the days are getting shorter earlier every year. The other caravans are waiting until the spring but Argasto has reason to feel safe… he’s brought with him something that can keep them safe up here in the Titans…

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Our players are Mitch Wallace, Sean Horbatiuk, and Ainslie Moors.

Justin Ecock is the GM and audio editor.

Music is licensed through Epidemic Sound

Symbaroum is created by Free League

And you must check out Mitch Wallace’s creation, Necrobiotic, by visiting pennyforatale.com/necrobiotic


 2021-09-21  1h21m