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episode 43: Humanizing sex workers part 4

Women watch porn, and that’s a fact. Hell, you’re here aren’t you? But while even the reticent among us know that there’s certainly no lack of options when it comes to the sheer volume of porn out there, quality porn that doesn’t stomp on women is another matter altogether.

Mainstream porn is abundant, but there are lots of issues with it. For one thing, it tends to be completely catered to what's arousing for men, with women present largely in service of this purpose. Fact: at least 32% of PornHub’s audience is made up of women, and we think they deserve better than what they’re getting (as do the men, and people of all genders!). Ultimately, mainstream porn tends to depict women in degrading or even dehumanizing ways, and this less-than-respectful treatment often extends to behind-the-scenes dealings as well. Of course, ‘people want this type of porn,’ is the old excuse, but we argue that this simply ain’t true: if you make better, more ethical porn, they will cum!

Bottom line: if you're not feeling a lot of the porn you see out there, Bellesa Plus may be the way to go.

What exactly is ethical porn?

The term ‘ethical porn,’ sometimes used interchangeably with ‘feminist’ or ‘fair trade’ porn is porn that honors consent, treats performers with respect, and pays everyone fairly. The environment on an ethical porn film set is one of mutual complicity and understanding.

According to sex therapist Kamil Lewis, AMFT, “Ethical porn validates the needs, boundaries, and curiosities of the performers,” while depicting sex that’s more true-to-life, often featuring performers with more diverse body types and skin colors, and, perhaps most importantly, showcasing real female pleasure. “Ethical porn is inclusive, creative, and consensual,” she says.

In case you missed the memo, there is an ethical porn renaissance happening right now—and Bellesa’s at the center of the action. This means that when you’re watching porn on Bellesa Plus, you know you’re getting off to porn that has the following key qualities:

No pressure

We work hard to foster a safe and comfortable working environment for all on our sets. This means ensuring that performers feel 100% comfortable interrupting a scene by calling “cut” if they need a sip of water or a snack, a trip to the toilet, or an emotional breather.

Comfort is a must

At Bellesa, we go the extra mile to prioritize performers’ physical comfort, ensuring that food, water, and ample lube (!) is always available on set! You can never have too much lube, we say! Never!!

Empowerment is the goal

Our mission is to empower women to embrace, explore and celebrate their sexuality—unapologetically. We believe a key part of the journey to becoming a self-actualized sexual being is being able to view quality ethical porn online. What’s more empowering than seeing yourself and your deepest desires reflected, rather than an endless stream on degrading money shots? We strive to change the world, one great orgasm at a time.

When it comes right down to it, the above “ethical porn” guidelines are really just baseline conditions for a fair, healthy, respectful, and human working environment. On Bellesa Plus, you can get off to steamy, pleasure-filled content—100% guilt-free.

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These are all of my values as well!

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