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Progressive Democrats Threaten to Tank Biden's Agenda

Progressive democrats dig in and threaten to tank President Joe Biden's agenda. Rep. Jayapal says she told Nancy Pelosi that progressives haven't changed their view and will vote "no" on Biden's infrastructure bill. The key house vote is a make-or-break moment for Biden's agenda, is happening soon. The house vote on the bill is to avert the government shutdown and to suspend debt limit as democrats set up showdown with the GOP.

BIden's domestic agenda is in jeopardy as he seeks to bolster his global agenda at the U.N. Biden promises the U.N. a new era of "relentless diplomacy" amid diplomatic rift with France. France accuses the United States of "breach of trust." The French ambassador speaks with CNN about the tensions with the United States over submarine deal. According to the French ambassador, the U.S-UK-Australia submarine deal is a "stab in the back." 

The Department of Homeland Security was "horrified" by the video of border patrol agents on horseback chasing and confronting migrants. 

Former President Donald Trump team's plan for Former Vice President Mike Pence to overturn election has been revealed. CNN shows new proof that Trump tried to orchestrate a coup. 

The coroner's office confirms Gabby Petito's remains and rules her death a homicide. 

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