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episode 74: Todd Brown - The Price Entrepreneurs Pay When They Don’t Take Action & How To Create an Irresistible Offer

Every beginner’s path is laced with obstacles. Some risks need to be hurdled if one dreams of being successful. All you need is to take that one step forward, and the rest will follow. But, not everyone is called to hold the torch of courage. Only the brave few dare to go all the way until the race is won. What does it take to have the courage to move forward and pursue your highest calling? Is this a skill that needs to be honed? And what happens if you decide to stay stuck, believe that your dreams are not for you, and don’t take action? Todd Brown joins this episode to show the humongous price that’s waiting to be settled when you give up on your dreams before you even started. Todd is a direct response marketing expert with over a decade of experience up his sleeve. He’s here to share the top-of-the-line marketing strategies on how you can increase your sales conversion by creating an offer the clients can’t say NO to. 

“The offer can make or break a campaign. A superior offer can make up for a lot of marketing weaknesses.”

-Todd Brown

In this Episode:

  • Learn what successful entrepreneurs are obsessed with, how they look at cost versus investments, and what it took for them to achieve success. 
  • From a dollar sense perspective, understand what a “cost” means, and the kind of cost you need to be looking at, which outweighs all other costs there is.
  • The components that make up a “solid, top of the line, irresistible” offer.
  • Identify the order of importance of the audience, offer, and copy and the marketing weakness that can make or break any campaign.
  • Learn the right way of doing risk reversal and realize why the purest form of soft offer exceeds the efficacy of a hard/traditional offer.

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 2021-09-22  55m