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episode 44: Humanizing sex workers part 5 (the final part and the official conclusion of sex work and porn episodes)

"Now we’re doing more with the INSPIRE program, which I launched to help industry newcomers know what they’re going to need to successfully navigate the adult industry. It stands for Industry Newcomer Support Program: It Really Exists. We recognized that there is an information gap between successful performers and performers who could’ve been more successful, or who could’ve left the industry with a more positive experience. The INSPIRE program informs people of their rights—and their responsibilities—as workers.

The adult industry, like other industries, is shifting toward independent creators. You are your own business, and you need to know how to manage your own business things. At FSC, we are the industry’s trade organization, not the industry’s HR department. There is no HR department. So if you have concerns and you’re not speaking up and advocating for yourself, there’s not much anyone can do besides further inform you so you can be better prepared in the future. We’re just trying to close the gaps and inform people so they know how to protect themselves."

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 2021-09-23  1h40m