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episode 134: Her CFO Tips: Financing Strategy Based on Short-Term versus Long-Term Capital Needs [transcript]

Many founders shy away from debt financing because of a lack of knowledge. However, debt financing can be beneficial to businesses with a steady cash flow and existing assets. When you play your cards right, you can secure financing for your business without having to give any ownership away. 

In this episode, I’ll show you how to match your short-term and long-term capital needs to the right debt financing option. Then, I’ll give you 10 options for how you can finance your business, depending on your situation. Finally, I’ll show you the keys to securing any type of financing. Once you get these right, you can save your business from paying higher interest rates while also fulfilling your needs. 

Tune in to the full episode to know how you can grow your business through debt financing! 

Episode Highlights: 

  • [01:12] Choosing a Financing Strategy
  • [02:14] Short-Term versus Long-Term Capital Needs
  • [02:39] Equity Financing versus Debt Financing
  • [03:55] Short-Term Financing Needs Option #1: Trade Credit
  • [04:43] Short-Term Financing Needs Option #2: Overdraft Financing
  • [05:06] Short-Term Financing Needs Option #3: Revolving Loan
  • [05:27] Short-Term Financing Needs Option #4: Invoice Financing
  • [06:24] Short-Term Financing Needs Option #5: Purchase Order Financing
  • [06:39] Short-Term Financing Needs Option #6: Inventory Financing
  • [07:06] Short-Term Financing Needs Option #7: Payables Financing
  • [07:56] Long-Term Financing Needs Option #1: Equipment Financing
  • [08:36] Long-Term Financing Needs Option #2: Project-Based Financing
  • [09:00] Long-Term Financing Needs Option #3: IP-Backed Financing
  • [09:35] Keys to Any Financing Strategy
  • [10:03] Why Female Founders are Reluctant to Choose Debt Financing

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