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episode 1424: Ransomware hits another US farm co-op, as Russan gangs seem to continue attacks without interference from Moscow. A new APT is described. REvil was cheating? CISA warns about Conti.

Ransomware hits a second US Midwestern farm co-op. The US House hears from the FBI that Russia seems not to have modified its toleration of privateering gangs (at least yet). A new APT, “FamousSparrow,” is described. REvil seems to have been--surprise!--cheating its criminal affiliates. Josh Ray from Accenture with an update on the Hades Threat Group. Our guest is Tim Eades of vArmour on the urgent need to update cyber strategies in healthcare. CISA issues a new warning, this one on the Conti ransomware operation. 

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 2021-09-23  24m