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episode 251: The Comics Agenda: Quick Someone Call A Doctor

This week we start by talking about the idea of a reboot  for The Lost Boys. How well will it do? What concerns do we have? Will they have leather jackets and big 80's hair?  For the second news item, we jump from 80's horror movies to 90's video games. It was announced that Anthony Mackie  will be starting and producing a Twisted Metal-inspired television  show.  What do we remember about the original video game and what do we want to see in the series? 

In a news follow up we talk about the latest from the Scarlett Johanson versus Disney lawsuit. What changes has it led to? What does it mean for the future of movies? We discuss it all.

This Week In Pop Culture 
Big week again this week as we talk about the end of X-Men: The Animated Series, then onto the cult classic nerd series Chuck. Jonathan talks about H.G.Wells, and Firefly, along with a few other events that happened this week. 

Lightning Round
This week Greg jumps into fall television with the debut of Ordinary Joe, While Jonathan revisits Primordial #1, and talks about a comic shop he visited on his recent trip. 

Featured Discussion 
This week was the anniversary of the infamous Happy Days  episode in which Fonzi jumps over a shark. Of course, the term is now a well-known part of pop culture vocabulary. So we decided to discuss when some of our favorite shows may have jumped the shark. 

Featured Comics 
We start the week out by revisiting a book that we started about a month ago. You better have your appetite ready as we talk about Eat The Rich #2. Then we check out the newest superhero in Impossible Jones #1. Over in the Marvel universe we morn the death of a major character in The Death of Doctor Strange #1. Finally, we head into the woods with Frontiersman #1.

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 2021-09-24  1h25m