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episode 64: Brantley, Bowen & Baylor at the crazy animal shelter ???? | Bedtime Stories For Kids Podcast

Welcome to bedtime stories for kids. My name is Mike and I'm super excited that you're joining me today. Are you ready for today's adventure today? We have a story for Brantley, Bowen and Baylor who are living in Texas. Hey guys. Now, if you want me to create a story just for you, then simply ask any grownup to get in touch. 

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I hope that you're ready for today's adventure as well. Can we all raise our right hand and our right foot is high to this case. We can count down with me in 5, 4, 3, 2. 

Today. Brentley woke up super excited. Together with his brothers, Bowen and Baylor. He's going to a very, very special place today through going to the animal shelter to visit some of the animals that are there. But this isn't just a regular animal shelter with cats and dogs. No, this is a very, very special, unique animal shelter. 

And let's find. Y to get there. They have to take a car as the shelter is in the next town. So the drivers around 22 and a half minutes, and as they arrive at the animal shelter, Britney gets instantly excited because he can see that there are all sorts of different, unique kind of animals at the shelter on arrival. 

They are greeted by a friendly lady who introduces herself as Karen, the caretaker. And it is Karen's job to look after all the animals in the shelter. Should we take a tour of the shelter she asks? Yes. Brentley Bowen and Baylor replied. Then let's go to three boys, follow Karen and they walk into a huge building. 

The building is divided into separate areas where different animals get to live. Why don't we start over there. Karen says, Karen opens her door and says, these are our giraffes. Whoa. Brentley says, I love giraffes. As they stare at three giraffes, their names are pineapple watermelon. And Mr. Grip, Bowen and painters not laughing. 

Why are they named after fruits? That is so fun. Pineapple watermelon. And Mr. Grape have been with us for almost two years. Karen says, and before they were at a local zoo, but with us at the shelter, they get to have a bit more space and they seem to enjoy it much more as every morning. And every evening we feed them their favorite. 

Can you guess what their favorite food is? Karen? The caretaker asks, oh, I know Brentley says, I think their favorite food is pizza. No Bowen and banner says not pizza at wraps. Don't eat pizza. Ah, what do giraffes eat? Do you know? They eat leaves and buds on trees. Of course. So let's continue on to our next animal. 

Karen says, please follow. And they walk and they walk and they walk through the corridor through the hallway to another part of the building that looks and feels very different. Karen, again, opens the door and again, the boys stare at a huge animal. This is Mr. Snow cone. Oh, Brentley says, Mr. Snowcones is a polar bear. 

Yes. Karen says Mr. Snow cone joined us just a few weeks ago and we're still trying to figure out what Mr. Snowcones favorite food is. We know that he likes something that is very, very. And we also notice that he loves things that are very, very sweet. So Bowen, could you think of something that we can eat that is ice, ice cold, but also very, very sweet ice cream. 

Baylor says yes, ice cream, bow and replies. So it's almost time to feed Mr. Snoke own the polar bear Brentley. What is your favorite ice? Chocolate Bowen. What is yours? Bubble gum. Amazing Bader. What is yours? So perfect. This afternoon, we will give Mr. Snow cone, the polar bear chocolate bubblegum, vanilla and spree. 

Maybe this could be his favorite. So, are you ready to follow me to one more animal that we have? Yes. The boys say, and they walk again to the other side of the building pass through a small hallway, open up a huge door, continue all the way to the end of the other side of the animal shelter. They enter into a smaller room and here we are, Karen, the caretaker says, but where are the animals? 

Brantley says they are. There. When at that moment, Karen, the caretaker opens the lid from a huge box that is filled with sand and dirt. This is the home of a Willie, the worm and his extended family. Of course question. Do worms have no Brent? He says. Do worms have Lex no bull and says, and last question, do worms have arms? 

No. Baylor says amazing Garren. The caretaker says it seems like, you know, a lot about worms. That is awesome. And then after. Brent Lee Bowen and Baylor help Karen the caretaker to look after pineapple watermelon and Mr. Grape, the three giraffes. They feed Mr. Snow cone, the chocolate bubble, gum, vanilla ice cream, and they make sure to check in with Willie the worm and his extended family. 

When soon enough, the. Comes and goes, and it's time for the boys to go home, have their dinner, listen to bedtime stories for kids, and then go to sleep and dream about their adventure at the animal shelter. We're going to end today's episode, please do share it with all your friends and your family. I hope you had fun. 

Join me in the next adventure. And if you want me to create a story does for you and simply ask any grownup to get in touch. So with that being said, I wish you good night. I wish you sweet dreams. If you're not yet going to sleep, I wish you an amazing day and I'll see you in the next adventure,


 2021-09-27  7m