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episode 6: Behind The Screen: Mike Ashkewe - National Day of Truth & Reconciliation

Content warning: this week's episode deals with conversations of child abuse and racism with topics including Canada's residential schools and the 60's Scoop.

This week we welcome back one of our co-founders, Mike Ashkewe, to hear him tell his story about where he's come from and where he's going.

September 30th has been marked in Canada as National Day for Truth & Reconciliation, so we've decided to dedicate this episode to Mike's story. Along with being the creator and host of This Week in Geek and a founding member of Terrible Warriors, Mike is an indigenous person and a survivor of the 60's Scoop.

Today he'll share with us his story of learning about what the 60's Scoop really was and how it has affected him and his family, his journey of connecting with his past and his own identity as a member of the Anishinaabe people, and his most recent work in advocating for survivors of the 60's Scoop and his work with the NPD party.

Get Informed, Get Involved

If you'd like to learn more, Mike highly recommends visiting the 60s Scoop Legacy of Canada facebook group at facebook.com/60sScoopLegacy and following Katherine Legrange on Twitter at @KatherineLegra2

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 2021-09-30  48m