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episode 98: Ep. #98 Security Education with the Code Doctor with Jet Anderson

The security of your software all starts with the code. If you’re wondering how we better educate developers on security and teach them to develop more secure code, well, this is the episode for you! Guy Podjarney sits down with Jet Anderson from Nike to discuss education, specifically security education, why it matters, and how to get it right. Jet is a secure software architect, writer, speaker, and evangelist of DevSecOps. A former software engineer on a mission to teach today’s developers to write secure code as part of modern DevOps pipelines, at speed and at scale, he is also the host of a weekly podcast and training program at Nike, known as Code Doctor. Tuning in, you’ll find out why Jet considers himself a developer advocate at Nike, why he chose to invest in security education for developers, and some core principles for training success, as well as the value of informal learning and whether or not gamification is a game changer. Make sure not to miss this episode!


 2021-06-21  39m