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episode 96: Ep. #96 A Cloud-First Approach with Johnathan Keith

In today’s episode, Guy Podjarny speaks with Johnathan Keith, the Director of Information Security/CISO for ViacomCBS Digital. With over 20 years of experience in information security, cybersecurity, cloud security, and cloud architecture, Johnathan has worked as a subject matter expert across several industries, including banking and finance, government agencies, and media and entertainment. His areas of expertise are in container security, infrastructure as code, application security, and network security. He has a Master’s degree in Science and Information Systems with an emphasis on cybersecurity as well as several industry-leading certificates. He is currently managing an InfoSec team of security architects and security engineers, with initiatives to advance container security and zero trust throughout the entire ViacomCBS Digital organization. In today’s episode, Johnathan shares his cloud-first approach, how his organization came to embrace DevSecOps, and the importance of establishing trust. Tune in today!


 2021-05-25  35m