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episode 252: The Comics Agenda: Enter Night, Exit Light

It's Me, Mario. That's right folks we have a Mario movie on the way next year. We talk about all the details and what we think of Mario on the big screen. Then we move on to the Marvel/Disney lawsuit. No not that lawsuit. Instead, this one is about who owns the rights to several of the most long-standing Marvel characters. The question is should the heirs to some of the most prolific writers have the rights to those characters? We wrap up the news discussing the trailer for Netflix's upcoming Sandman series. 

This Week In Pop Culture 
Michael talks about his memories of TinTin. We all talk about how good the first few seasons of Lost were. Meanwhile, Greg talks about the launch of Cartoon Network. 

Lightning Round
Michael starts us out with talking about a music festival he went to, Jonathan talks Dragon Hoops, and Greg talks about a gaming convention he went to. Plus Greg and Jonathan talk about the end of Nick Spencers run on Amazing Spider-Man.

We watched some of the new Disney+ series Star Wars Visions.

Shared Comics 
We start out with revisiting Echolands with the second episode. Then we find out what happens when a solicit has little to do with the story in Children Of The Plague #1.  Coming from Titan comics, we talk about big guns and tiny bikinis in Gun Honey #1. We wrap up the show with Marvel's latest mini event  Darkhold Alpha #1. 

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 2021-10-01  1h44m