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Are you easily confused by terms like cultural appropriation, cisgender, toxic masculinity, twunk, queer, black girl magic, and woke? Or maybe you’re tired of explaining terms like these and you need a community that gets you! Welcome to Minority Korner, where we take an introspective look at the world. through an intersectional lens. Join James: a queer, political, comedian, self proclaimed, sexy blerd (that’s Black Nerd) and each week he's joined in the Korner by another fabulous minority tackling pop culture, the news, media, and history all with a little self care, and self love sprinkled throughout! It’s time to Learn, Laugh, and Play, right here at Minority Korner- because together: we’re the majority! (Part of the Maximum Fun Network)



episode 320: MK320: It’s Always the Boyfriend (Underreported Missing Black Women, Drake & Underaged Girls, Historic Queer Latinx Game Changers, Black Celebs & Covid)

We discuss ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome’ what it is, and why missing Black women goes so underreported (but also can we just not disappear all women)? We must finally talk, and have a come to Jesus moment about Drake and his relationship with underaged girls. We also must have a talk about some Black celebs and their perception of COVID. In the main Korner we celebrate 6 Historic Queer Latinx gamechangers to celebrate that you dont know about! 

Guest Co- Host - Lauren Carter: a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley with a track record for leading engineering teams that build consumer products. In addition to her technical role, Lauren is a long time distance runner turned tri-athlete.  She's competed on some of the largest and most successful Track Clubs and Triathlon teams in the US. When not engaging in fitness or tech, you can find Lauren with a glass of wine in hand probably having a discussion about gardening.


  • Missing Black Women Unreported
    • Missing black women's cases are often unsolved, underreported
    • The urgent crisis of missing Black women and girls
    • They walked for the ‘Unforgotten 51’ and all other Black women murdered or missing in Chicago
    • 230,000 people of color reported missing in the U.S. These black women are doing something about it
    • News Media Can’t Shake ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome,’ Critics Say
  • Black celebrities denying Pon de Replay, our last victim, Busta Rhymes 
  • Nicki Minaji scandal update (testicalgate distraction)
  • Historic, Queer, LatinX Gamechangers 
    • http://www.newnownext.com/latinx-queer-lgbtq-history-month/10/2018/
    • https://www.hrc.org/news/hrc-honors-five-latinx-lgbtq-historical-figures-for-latinx-heritage-month
    • http://www.alanpelaez.com/contact/#cntctfrm_contact_form
    • https://www.spectrumsouth.com/5-queer-latinx-icons/
    • https://hiplatina.com/latinx-lgbtqia-icons-we-should-all-know/

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 2021-10-01  1h12m