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episode 39: Greek frigate procurement, GSOF on Afghanistan and air dominance

In this episode of The Weekly Defence Podcast we speak to the Global Special Operation Forces Foundation (GSOF) to look at the aftermath of the Western involvement in Afghanistan, and we hear from Raytheon Missiles and Defence about the future of air dominance. 

Newsround [00:00]

The UK has finally released its National Space Strategy on 27 September after two delays. 

In the new vision the UK is looking at contributing to the a multi-billion pound space industry by boosting private investment and fostering partnership with NATO allies and countries in the Asia-Pacific region. 

The Atlantique 2 maritime patrol aircraft for the French navy is expected to reach IOC in October, following recent upgrades to Standard 6 configuration of five more aircraft in mid-September.

On 28 September the Greek Defence Minister signed an MoU with Naval Group and MBDA, opening negotiations for supply of new FDI frigates to the Greek Navy in a deal worth €3 billion. 

The Australian Defence Force awarded a $6.17 billion contract to a domestic firm for the production of 40 small rough-terrain vehicles (RTVs). 

Interview – Global Special Operation Forces Foundation (GSOF) [05:19]

News Editor Ben Vogel speaks to Stuart Bradin, President and CEO of GSOF. 

In an exclusive interview, Bradin discusses the lessons learnt by the Special Operation Forces community in the past twenty years of war in Afghanistan and challenges ahead as the need to deliver multi-domain operations become more apparent. 

Industry Voice – Raytheon Missiles and Defence [36:40]

Creative Director Tony Skinner speaks to Steve Dickman, Executive Director, Air Dominance Product Area and Alison Howlett, StormBreaker Programme Director at Raytheon Missiles and Defense to define the concept of air dominance, its importance and the work the company is carrying out in this sector.

This episode was produced by Noemi Distefano with music and sound mixing by Fred Prest 


 2021-10-01  47m