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episode 101: Ep. # 101, Running and Expanding a DevOps Team with DJ Schleen

Today we have a great conversation with DJ Schleen, who is the Vice President of Infrastructure and Developer Operations at VillageMD! DJ is an experienced DevOps practitioner, currently working as a security advocate, in his role at VillageMD in the healthcare industry. We get to have a very interesting conversation about the broad state of security and hear about his route into the professional world. DJ transitioned from the early days of hacking into web design, and then brought these skills to his career in security! We talk about some of his best practices for keeping a team on track, how he goes about improving and increasing security, and the end goal of working towards a proactive approach instead of a reactive one. DJ has an impressive track record providing thought leadership to organizations looking to integrate security into their DevOps practices, and his background as a practitioner has provided him with a strong foundation for this. DJ specializes in building progressive apps for security programs, automating security in DevOps environments, and breaking down organizational silos that inhibit the delivery of safer software. So to hear all about his work and thoughts on the field in general, listen in with us today!


 2021-10-04  32m