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Become Fearless, Free, and Uncontrollable

It may feel impossible right now when your partner has betrayed you, abused you, and devalued you, but you can become fearless, free, and uncontrollable.

Tom Pryde from Psalm 82 Initiative joins Anne on the free BTR podcast to empower victims to understand how they can find liberation from abuse and experience their own "chair-burning" moments. Read the full transcript below and listen to the free BTR podcast for more.

Become Fearless

What does it mean to be fearless?

Tom Pryde explains:

"Fearless is not about the absence of fear, but rather it's the presence of courage in the face of fear. And I can be fearless by simply doing what's right, taking the steps necessary to protect myself. My image for this is when I liked to play ice hockey when I was younger. And when you're out on the ice, and that puck is whizzing around, I've been hit without pads by a hockey puck. Shot really, really hard. And it was very, very painful, bruised up. But when somebody winds up for a slap shot, and you've got pads from head to toe, that thing's just going to bounce off your pads. And so, you're fearless because you've protected yourself, you've done the necessary things to take those steps. It isn't that the puck is not a fearsome thing. And it's not that it wouldn't hurt if something happens. It's just that I now have taken the steps necessary to diminish my fear." Tom Pryde, Psalm 82 Initiative

Victims can work toward becoming fearless by setting safety boundaries, distancing themselves from harmful and abusive behaviors.

Become Free

Victims become free from their abusers when they are able to make decisions based upon what is best for themselves, rather than making decisions out of fear or trying to guess what their abuser wants them to do.

When victims feel ownership of their own minds and thoughts, their own decisions and choices, they are free from their abusers.

Some power phrases that victims can use as they work toward freedom include:

* I am capable of making good decisions* I know what is best for myself* I give myself permission to take however long I need to when making decisions* I am patient with myself when I struggle with making choices

Becoming Uncontrollable

"That's the uncontrollable part, that strength of will that says no, I'm going to do what's right and I'm going to do that regardless of what you say. That kind of uncontrollable spirit is embedded in there." Tom Pryde, Psalm 82 Initiative

Victims can and will become uncontrollable as they set safety boundaries that separate them from abuse. Support, self-care, and education about trauma and abuse can help victims work toward the safety they need to become uncontrollable.

BTR Is Here For You

At BTR we understand how overwhelming it can feel to work toward freedom from abuse.

That is why the Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group meets every single day in every time zone.

Join today and find the community that you need as you seek support on your journey to healing.

Full Transcript:

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