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The last word in podcasting news... every Thursday in Podland, James Cridland from Podnews in Australia and Sam Sethi, from 'Podcast First' River Radio in the UK, join forces to review and analyse some of the week's top podcasting news from around the world. They also interview some of the biggest names making the news. This podcast is sponsored by Buzzsprout.



episode 45: Chris Messina talks about Spotify Ads, the history of open formats on the social web and how ActivityPub could impact the future of Podcasting? [transcript]

Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi as they talk to Chris Messina about his work on OpenWeb Standards such as ActivityStreams that became ActivityPub.  He wrote this seminal post on Medium about ActivityStreams and ActivityPub in 2008

GUEST: Chris Messina is the inventor of the hashtag as it is currently used on social media platforms.  In a 2007 tweet, Messina proposed vertical/associational grouping of messages, trends, and events on Twitter by the means of hashtags. 


  • Spotify has made a series of announcements about podcast monetisation. First up, top Anchor podcasters in the US can now be part of the Spotify Audience Network.  These ads are called “Automated ads” since they’ll be automatically inserted: if you’re with Anchor, you can join the waitlist today.

  • Anchor has also launched “Premium sponsorships”, where they sell host-read sponsor credits on your behalf: you’ll be contacted if you qualify.

  • Anchor’s original Anchor Sponsorships is now rebranded “Ambassador ads”, where you spread the word about Anchor to your listeners.

  • Spotify Ad Studio, Spotify’s self-serve ad buying service, will offer podcast ad buying “in our podcast network” (again, for the US only). 

  • Spotify has also announced it’s joined the Global Alliance of Responsible Media, added the ability to exclude sensitive topics, and improved their contextual targeting tools.

  • Separately, Spotify has published a whitepaper on the evolution of podcast advertising, including a short and selective section on podcasting’s history, which doesn’t mention Adam Curry nor Apple.

  • First look: Supercast has opened their integration with Spotify Open Access, which enables publishers to offer gated content within Spotify’s app. It’s the first subscription platform to offer the Spotify Open Access integration to all its users.


 2021-10-07  1h16m