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episode 253: The Comics Agenda: Let There Be Carnage In The Reviews

This week in the news we talk about the upcoming House of Slaughter. Then it's trailer time as we check out the teaser trailers for Peacemaker, and House of the Dragon. Finally, we wrap up discussing news about the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, including who might be showing up.

This Week In Pop Culture 
This week is all about Rob Liefeld, MAD magazine, Clone Wars, and more.

Lightning Round 
This week Michael watched La Brea  so the rest no one else has to. Jonathan fell into the Spiderverse with Amazing Spider-Man  #75 and Venom: Rex. Meanwhile, Greg traveled back to World War II with Out #1.

Featured Discussion
We all hit the theaters to take in Venom: Let There Be Carnage. We have all the good, the bad, and Symbiotes you could ask for. Plus we talk about that post-credit scene.

Featured Comics
We start the week with the suburban mom-turned assassin in Jennifer Blood #1. Then over in the Marvel Universe, we see the Eternals question everything they have ever known in Eternals Celestia #1. Finally, it is one man's really bad day in Righteous Thirst For Vengence #1.

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 2021-10-08  1h48m