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Welcome to The Mom Voice! We’re Lauren & Sarah, long time besties & at-home mamas! We started the show to make you laugh and remind you that you’re not alone on this motherhood journey. We’ve got 7 kids between us, including a set of twins and have seen a little bit of it ALL! We know that being mom is hard, fun and just straight up exhausting! Hear us cover all the things: parenting, relationships, work/life balance, TV, beauty, health/wellness and so much more! It’s a free for all and a crazy fun ride! New releases each Monday! xo


episode 136: How Money, Media & Other Influences Affect Our Self Confidence (& How To Overcome It!)

Oct. 11th, 2021 – In this episode, the ladies quickly diving in to the documentary LuLaRich.  Fascinated with the MLM gone BIG, they shed some light on the rise and fall of the company & how it was uniquely driven by stay at home mothers.  You remember those crazy, bright leggings and maxi skirts!  Their conversation shifts from the show into how women can feel influenced and effected by others money, travel or looks (be honest, we all do it!)  They go down the rabbit hole of social media effecting women’s confidence and self-doubt and encourage all women to feel validated and secure in whatever stage of life they’re in – suggesting some ways to keep up their confidence. Sarah shares the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people.  This has them looking back on their long time friendship and the effect they have had on each other.  Another tip they point out is having gratitude and learning to see the good in what you have.  They share new insight on manifesting and how it can mentally knock down the mean subconscious we all have.  All things that will encourage & uplift every woman.  They close with their regular hits and misses.  Lauren has began her running training and Sarah admits they haven’t made the 7pm bedtime since Fall began.


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 2021-10-11  50m