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episode 102: Ep. # 102, The CodeCov Breach with Jerrod Engelberg and Eli Hooten

In early 2021, Codecov experienced a serious security breach, and today on the show we are joined by their CEO and CTO to get an insider's perspective on the events! We have an enlightening conversation with Jerrod Engelberg and Eli Hooten about what exactly happened, how they reacted, and the important foundations that were already in place that allowed them to handle it in the way that they did. This extra special episode is jam-packed with useful reflections and lessons for listeners from all backgrounds, and just hearing how it all played out is worth the admission alone. Our guests talk about the central importance of the human element to security work, how conversations with the internal and external network connected to the company were key to their process, and why transparency trumps all other concerns for Codecov. We also get into some of the ethics and important conversations that need to happen before any danger is even detected! So to hear all this, and a whole lot more, on a vital, first-hand experience, join us today!


 2021-10-11  50m