AFP: American Family Physician Podcast

Twice a month, faculty and residents of the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix Family Medicine Residency discuss key clinical points from each issue of American Family Physician (AFP). AFP publishes clinical reviews that help keep physicians current with advances in diagnosis and treatment. Contributing editor: Dr. Steven Brown.


episode 13: October 12, 2021 -- AFP American Family Physician

Hosts Ramla N. Kasozi, MD, MPH, and James Smith MD, MPH, board certified family physicians and recent residency graduates, welcome special guest Renee Crichlow, MD, family medicine faculty and leader, for a discussion of anti-racism, building community, breaking down barriers for medical education and minoritized students and faculty, and the importance of a patron in your career. Drs. Kasozi and Smith share their own thoughts on racism and its role in the history of medical education, challenges for minoritized learners in medical education, and share their 10 suggestions about what you can do right now.


 2021-10-12  44m