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How to Write Faster and Better with Chris Fox

Many authors want to earn a living as a writer. The good news is that you can. Previously, we’ve talked about a few methods for How to Make a Living as a Writer.

When it comes to providing for your family with your writing, one technique stands above the rest: writing fast.

The faster you write, the more time you have for marketing, editing, and other activities that help pay the bills. Put another way, the more books you can publish, the more you can make from those additional books because each book promotes your other books.

Everyone starts out as a slow writer. Fast writing is a skill you can learn. If you want to succeed in the business of writing and publishing, you need to learn how to boost your writing speed.

What if you could publish one million words per year?

Does that sound impossible?

Chris Fox says it’s possible. The key to writing faster is to write smarter, and Chris would know. He’s published over 40 novels. You probably know him as the 5,000-words-per-hour guy or the write-to-market guy.

He is officially a friend of the Novel Marketing show, and I recently interviewed Chris about his course How to Write 5,000 Words per Hour (Affiliate Link).

Thomas Umstattd, Jr.: So back in 2018, we talked about how you write 5,000 words per hour. How do you go from 5,000 words per hour to one million words each year?

How do you publish one million words per year?

Chris Fox: It’s important to understand 5,000 words per hour doesn’t scale. People assume that if they can write 5,000 words in one hour, they can write 25,000 words if they write for five hours a day.

At that rate, you could write a ton of books. But fast writing requires mastery of the writing craft. We need to practice writing good words quickly and understand how to edit them.

Producing that many words requires a process.

Much of my time is spent researching, editing, and thinking about characters or world-building, which are all important skills to master. I don’t write for five hours per day. I typically stop at exactly or very close to 5,000 words a day. I don’t try to go beyond that because that eats into my thinking, researching, and editing time.

Thomas: Authors can learn from athletes and musicians in this regard. An athlete will train all week to prepare for two hours on the field. A musician will spend weeks and months preparing for a one-hour performance.

Chris: There is definitely a process. I first heard about it when I met Robert Jordan’s wife, Harriet. She edited Orson Scott Card’s book Ender’s Game. It’s one of my favorite science fiction novels of all time. She told me he wrote the book in two weeks.

But before he started writing, he spent six to eight months meticulously plotting, developing characters, and thinking about all the events. When he sat down to write the book, it was very much like watching Michael Jordan play in an NBA game at the peak of his ability.

That’s when all the fundamentals you’ve been practicing are tested.


 2021-10-12  39m