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Your Salt Shaker May Be Killing You!

It starts off innocently with just a sprinkle of salt on your favorite food to "bring out the flavor" and over the course of time, a sprinkle just isn't enough.  The next thing you know, your cardiologist is telling you that you're facing heart surgery, your ankles are swollen, your kidneys are failing, and you're being handed dangerous prescriptions to "take the water off." It's LONG past time to take a look at what this silent killer is doing to humans and act promptly.  Recent studies show excess sodium is NOT coming from homecooking, but rather from highly processed grocery products and restaurant meals. 

Elizabeth Dougherty spoke the famed Professor Graham MacGregor about SALT... its effects on humans... and why it's URGENT that you put down the salt shaker.

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 2021-10-14  15m