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episode 137: Steward Ownership: A Method for Preserving Business Owner’s Legacy and Purpose - The Journey of Sarah Joannides [transcript]

As a mission-driven founder and business owner, you want to know that your company’s mission is still being carried out despite you not being active in it any longer. You may worry that as you exit, your business may be controlled by entities that aren’t in line with how you intended for your business to run. The founder’s dilemma may also trouble you. That is, you wonder if you’ll have to choose between liquidity and legacy. We’re here to tell you that your concerns are heard, and there’s a great way to address them.

This episode’s guest tells us that you can choose both liquidity and legacy. Sarah Joannides joins us in Her CEO Journey™ to share the beauty of steward ownership. With steward ownership, you can lock down your business’s purpose and independence. Through it, you can empower and give value to your stakeholders, rethink your company’s profits, and ensure the health and vitality of your ecosystem.  

If you’re a founder or business owner that wants to be prepared for your business’s future, then this episode is for you!

Episode Highlights

  • [05:59] Sarah’s Journey 
  • [08:40] The Founders’ Dilemma of a Business Owner
  • [09:21] About Steward Ownership
  • [10:53] The Founder and Business Owner’s Options Under Steward Ownership
  • [12:58] When Does Steward Ownership Make Sense?
  • [15:40] Preparing for the Transition to Steward Ownership
  • [18:29] Financing Steward Ownership
  • [23:27] The Four Major Models of Steward Ownership
  • [29:40] Choosing the Right Form of Steward Ownership
  • [31:23] When to Consider Steward Ownership 
  • [37:38] Giving Up Control in Private Equity vs Steward Ownership
  • [40:22] The Profitability of Steward Ownership Businesses
  • [44:57] Steward Ownership for Technology Companies
  • [48:28] Steward Ownership Business vs Public Benefit Corporation
  • [51:52] Steward Ownership Around the World
  • [52:52] The 1, 2, 3s of Steward Ownership
  • [55:30] Sarah’s Parting Words

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 2021-10-14  59m