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Two Quarrys Don't Cover the Price of Korda

    Next stop 1971 with three groovy horrors from the groovy minds at AIP and one of Franco's best know exploitations.

     A couple in Turkey stop in at their neighborhood sex cabaret and watch a vampire devour her dance partner. Unfortunately for everyone, this evening of entertainment puts Linda right in the sights of Countess Carody. The vampire doesn't just want a light snack but to own our blonde heroine body and soul. Will Linda escape the vampire's clutches or will she find nothing but death and madness in the embrace of Vampyros Lesbos?
     Donna and her swinging friends have a party to contact her recently deceased mother. The gathering is lead by her mother's boyfriend, a mysterious and dashing Bulgarian noble who just a few months ago moved into the not at all scary old mansion outside of town. Before they know it the whole group is in peril as one of the female members vanishes and her boyfriend turns up dead. Can these meddling middle age kids stop the bloodshed or will they all fall victim to Count Yorga, Vampire?
     A stake can't keep a bad vampire down. Count Yorga and his brides rise from their graves to find they now live next door to an orphanage. Taking a shine to a teacher, Cynthia, the Count begins a diabolical plan to make her one of his brides. This time our middle age kids go to the police for help but it all maybe too late and The Return of Count Yorga will deliver him triumphant?
     The brilliant musician and theologian, Dr. Aton Phibes, was thought to have died in a car accident four years ago after hearing about the death of his wife on an operating table. Now someone is taking revenge against the medical team with the Plagues of Egypt. Did Phibes survive? Who is the beautiful woman reportedly seen in the vicinity of each murder? Will our intrepid detective inspector solve the case or will the plagues play out to avenge The Abominable Dr. Phibes?
     All that and Dave gets hyped, Tyler keeps it mellow, and Kevin shames us all with his shame bell. Join us, won't you?

Episode 227- Two Quarrys Don't Cover the Price of Korda


 2021-10-16  n/a