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episode 1229: Colorado Contractor Destroys Renovated Bathroom; We talk with Amber Trucke and Jason McDaniel

Many of us saw the headlines.. The Daily Mail showed it as "Moment Colorado contractor takes sledgehammer to newly remodeled bathroom, claiming he wasn't paid" or Yahoo reported the headline as "Footage shows an "angry" contractor with a sledgehammer wrecking a customer's bathroom over a $4,225 payment dispute". The headline really never tells the inside story and if you saw the follow up pictures of the ultra low quality construction you knew there was a massive problem on this jobsite. This low quality work was further destroyed by what everyone saw on the viral video of the contractor swinging the sledgehammer in this womans home and her neighbor filming him. A group of tile contractors and remodeling contractors teamed up with manufacturers to make this wrong right by fixing her shower for free all while showing the right way to do it. We have Jason McDaniel, owner of Stoneman Construction and leader of the Global Tile Posse Facebook Group , William White from Ardex, and the homeowner Amber Trucke in this deep dive into what happened at her house and the feat of this crew to get her that luxury bathroom she had hoped when she hired the origianl contractor.

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We want to thank the companies that came forward and helped out Amber Trucke on her bathroom.

William White and Aaron Chaffee from Aredex Americas

The Tile Shop Denver

IQ Power Tools for dustless tile saws


Bill Parker and Rapid Reces This is the system Eric G used in his shower for his curbless shower system

Daryl with Quick Drain

Scott Carrol with TILITE

Steve Sells from Sells Precision Home Repair and Remodeling


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 2021-10-16  1h12m